Why Outsource

Outsourcing is about the freedom to focus on your core competency.

While every organization depends upon qualified, strategic financial guidance, a full time, in-house CFO (Chief Financial Officer) isn’t always the ideal solution.

More than eight years of experience partnering with small businesses and nonprofits has demonstrated to me the challenges of committing to an in-house, salaried employee. While your monthly workload varies, a full time commitment does not allow for the flexibility you need to pay less when there is less work to do.

Additionally, salaried employees beget additional unnecessary expenses including taxes, social security, pension contributions, office space and other mandatory social benefits that an employer must provide.

As an outsourced CFO, I am called in only when there is work to be done, according to my client’s schedule and need.

Moreover, your company’s long term financial success and profitability is my vested future.

I become a flexible, on-call partner. As I’m mobile, your office is my office. This partnership not only fosters a more cohesive feel for the team, but also allows me to better understand your work environment and goals.

I provide financial leadership, forethought, strategy and planning including analyzing financial constraints and infusing them into the mission of your organization.

Understanding finances and providing reactive solutions isn’t enough for my clients.

Outsourcing is about the freedom to focus on your core competency.

Delegating work outside your field to a trustworthy resource who is not only qualified but also prioritizes your long term success provides you with the mental liberty to invest your time and energy where it belongs.

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