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In order for our new company to grow, we needed to make sure that our management structure was sound.  From the beginning, Shuey worked with us to raise capital and develop solid investor relations. His financial management skills guided us towards realistic budgeting and competitive pricing strategies. With his assistance, we are able to close deals and watch our company begin to thrive.

Mayer Reich

Founder & CEO, TeamUp Co-Working Spaces

What we  would have needed 3 part time professionals to do, is all done for us by Shuey and his team. From HR policies and procedures, to bookkeeping and vendors, through working with our legal team and accountants – they do it all.  I highly recommend taking full advantage of all the services offered by Shuey – they will be done with precision, professionalism and excellence.

Shuki Taylor

Founder & CEO, M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education

International taxation, vendors, osek murshe vs. ba’am, oh my! I was overwhelmed, and all I wanted to do was write. Content is the core of my business, and nobody ever said there would be math. After four years in business, I was fortunate enough to grow and scale, but I suddenly found myself unable to sleep, worried about everything BUT the writing. I brought Shuey in and he did all the things: cost/benefit analysis of my vendors, changed my business to a ba’am (I didn’t even have to file the paperwork myself), handled the billing and collections, and he’s even holding my hand while we walk through budget and cash flow exercises. He let me return to my writing, and now I can sleep, knowing that I’m not only legal and kosher, but where I was weak… I’m now strong.
Hilary Faverman

CEO, Hilary Faverman Communications

I would have lost my mind without Shuey!  When beginning the process to register our amutah and set up our bank account, we turned to Shuey and his staff to help us wade through the bureaucracy. He took a process that is daunting, difficult, and at times complex and walked me through it, often explaining things numerous times, with endless patience and good humor, to our employees and volunteers, while answering all our questions, of which there were many. Without his assistance, the process might well have have killed me. But now, our amutah is up and running and I couldn’t be more excited to get to work.

Shoshanna Jaskoll

Co-Founder, Chochmat Nashim

Shuey and his team always go above and beyond with their dedication and service for our business. They take the care and concern as if it was their own business, always working proactively and with a smile to make sure that my business is running smoothly and systematically. They have been a true asset to our business growth and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ahron Glazer

CEO & Co-Founder, Blue Thread Marketing

When I first set up Place2Heal, Shuey guided me every step of the way. We worked together on messaging, presentations and detailed preparation for an overseas trip.  Setting up an organization can be a stressful and having a professional on hand was a great help to me.

Judy Bogen

Founder, Place2Heal

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