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a wide array of outsourced, on-demand financial services suited for organizations at all stages of growth. Depending on your business or nonprofit’s size, number of employees, scale of operations, and location(s), we’ll help you build the package that makes sense for you, as we become your partner in reaching your financial goals.

From logistical tasks like billing and payroll to comprehensive controller services, from invoicing and collections to strategy, analysis and advisory services, you’ll work hand-in-hand with us to create a unique, personalized package that covers all your bases. From the modules below, we will build a custom set of services for your business that provides you with exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Professional Bookkeeping

Ensure you’re compliant

The fundamentals: bookkeeping, payroll, pensions and reporting

We take care of all your fundamental ongoing and yearly accounting tasks, such as reporting payroll and income to Israeli government bureaus including the tax authority, managing and reporting VAT, salary, producing material for the and end-of-year audited reports, liaising with your account, bookkeeping, payroll, and e-filing pensions – all while communicating directly with the relevant parties/employees and keeping everyone updated and cohesive… so you don’t have to.

Customer-Oriented Collections

Secure all outstanding payments

Creation and tracking of client billing, invoicing, and collection as well as all aspects of the client onboarding and accounts payable processes

This service focuses on the logistical tasks you need to keep your organization running smoothly. Primary services include coordinating and submitting requests to both retainer and project-based clients, full billing software management, issuance of all tax documentation, monitoring client payments, and professionally and politely – yet persistently – ensuring collections.

Strategic CFO: Planning,
Optimization and Guidance

 Think 6 steps ahead, or better yet, we’ll do it for you

Strategy, analysis and advisory services ranging from financial goal setting and measurement, budgeting and forecasting, profit/cost analysis and projections to comprehensive guidance and project management in legal, tax and HR

Offering professional financial strategy, guidance and advisory services at the executive level, we function as your company’s CFO + finance department, replete with leadership and partnership. We can plan and oversee long term cash flow strategy and implementation, develop a budget that accounts for growth, cash, and projected needs, create income and expense reports for internal tracking and strategy, set goals, track success, and analyze results for various teams and milestones. In addition, we take on an advisory role and serve as a single point of contact for financial, tax, and legal providers, holding accountability for holistic strategy, project management, and communication, so your business never drops a ball.

For those who require less involvement but still want access to our experience and expertise, we offer a CFO-Light package.


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