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Tangible Solutions that Provide:

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Your company is successful… so why does your bottom line feel uncertain?

Without the right knowledge, it becomes impossible to make sound financial decisions. You need to know exactly where the money is going. But you’ve been rooted in growing your business and have not had the time nor the focus available to examine every expense, compare it to the budget, minimize operating costs, consider capital expenditures versus variable costs, create cash flow projections… and your eyes just glazed over. We’ve lost you.

Insight is where we begin. We are fluent in Finance, and we also speak both English and Hebrew. We will study all of your papers – you know, statements from the bank, from your lawyers, from the insurance company – all the papers that that sit in your “to do” box to be reviewed. We will examine them in detail in addition to interviewing you about your company’s financial goals. Once we understand exactly what your financial picture looks like, we’ll sit down together and explain (in English or Hebrew – not Finance!) exactly where you stand, whether you’re on target to meet your goals, and why.


Do you have a budget? Is it genuine or theoretical? A practical budget is really just accurate documentation of what you are getting paid, and what you are paying for. It’s the script that tells you how your financial month is supposed to look.

Our work begins with tracking what comes in and what goes out.
Where is money being spent? Is it all accounted for?

Then, we start filling in the blanks. Does working with foreign currency and international transfers eat up a significant portion of income? How fast does each client remit payment? Has each customer who claims to be current actually transferred all funds owed? Is every expenditure documented or is there a petty cash or “general” fund that represents 30% of your expenses?

We will investigate and then transfer the knowledge to you, ultimately empowering you to make sound financial decisions.

Cash Flow

Whereas your budget is a picture of how things are supposed to work, your cash flow is the crash landing to reality – this is how things really work.

You need to know if the timing of the money coming in and the timing of the money going out are matching up. Although your budget might look good (remember, your budget is how it’s supposed to work) all your vendors need to get paid on time, so an examination of when money is arriving and how money is arriving is critical.

We will answer these crucial questions:

  • Are we OK?
  • Is the bank going to call?
  • When is the best time of the month to pay expenses?

Profit/Cost Analysis

Your budget and projections looks positive, but your cash flow is different – or more inconsistent – than you expected. Ultimately, there should be a surplus at the end of every month, and that surplus should constantly grow over time.

This analysis will provide you with insight surrounding your true operating costs (both fixed, like rent and salaries, and variable, like products and marketing).
What does it cost you to onboard a new client?
Does your current pricing plan offset the launch of a new product or program?
At what point should you be seeing a surplus?

In order to allocate resources appropriately, scale up and create sustainable growth, this is information you cannot afford to be without.

Financial Goal Setting

Likely, you founded your venture because you were passionate about a particular product, service or solution… not because you enjoy (or necessarily understand) financial projections.

Lucky for you, we live for this stuff.

We will examine your financial picture and let you know not only where you stand now, but also where you’ll be standing in a year.

For example, when you launched your endeavor, initiated a new project or opened an additional line of business, every line item was precisely budgeted on a pristine spreadsheet. Fast-forward six or twelve months: you’re juggling nine clients, four employees, two locations, and you’re not sure if your financial progress is on target. We will provide objective analysis of your milestones by examining the “proposed” against the actual expenditures.We will determine your break-even line and establish realistic goals for growth and scalability. We will talk taxes, liabilities and future constraints while measuring them against potential gains. In short, we’re a very well informed and logical crystal ball which provides you with the insight to make intelligent financial choices today.

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You’re spending time you don’t have on hassles you don’t need.

While insight is helpful, sometimes it’s simply not enough. What you need, over and above knowledge, is active assistance.

Relief is what you’re seeking.

It’s the doing that will help you return to what you are best at (and enjoy) rather than getting mired in letters from the bank, negotiating credit terms, managing your employees’ pension plans, paying vendors and chasing overdue accounts.

You speak business; we’ll speak Finance.

Establishing and Register a New Nonprofit

Opening an Israeli nonprofit? Fantastic! We are proud of Israel’s innately entrepreneurial culture, and we aren’t just referring to new techie apps; Israel has a legacy of identifying, creating and offering assistance to populations which have nowhere else to turn. Good intentions, however – even well-funded good intentions – are unfortunately insufficient to establish a legally sound, financially healthy nonprofit.

How do you wade through the Israeli bureaucracy, banking and legal aspects of establishing a successful Israeli nonprofit? Our service includes both strategic and tactical support.

First, we will listen to your idea and goals and talk you through all the issues you need to consider. We will help you answer questions from your founders, board and signatories. We will advise you on the legal protections you’ll need to put in place to ensure compliance with both governmental requirements and stakeholders.

Then, we will carry out the list of initially required actions including establishing an appropriate bank account, filing with the income tax authorities, Social Security administration and Value Added Tax office. We will also submit the required application to the Registrar of Charities, officially registering the nonprofit.

Ultimately, this one-two punch of strategic and tactical assistance will empower you to move forward in a position of knowledge, with a concrete plan of action.

Establishing a New Business

Israel has earned international recognition for consistently hosting the largest concentration of startups per-head in the entire world. One of the reasons Israel has achieved such intense levels of business success is because we have the foresight to consider infrastructure, monetization and scalability before we begin.

Our consultation will create a critical takeaway to prime you for success: a financial roadmap dictating exactly what needs to be accomplished in your first business year including budgeting, true costs, registration considerations, pricing, accounting, insurance and pension.

Bank Account Management

We will keep our finger on the pulse of exactly what’s happening in your bank account: how much is coming in and going out, from whom, and when? Are you within your pre-approved credit limit, and should we consider renegotiating credit on your behalf? Is the bank account you’re using the optimal type of account for your venture? Is there a better bank, better terms or perhaps a service package that is more appropriate for your needs? Our eagle-eye monitoring of your daily financial activities not only ensures that nothing slips through the cracks and everything is accounted for, but it also provides ongoing reassurance that you are maximizing bank amenities and services.

Cash Flow Management

While budgeting, projections, and cash/profit analysis are the critical ingredients for a successful venture, cash flow is the secret sauce. It’s the everyday reality (what is) rather than the theoretical (what is supposed to be).

Successful cash flow is an exact science; it’s a matter of timing the money coming in to line up with the timing of the money going out. Positive cash flow starts with an analysis of when and how money is arriving; we’re talking about every single dollar, shekel, pound or yen.

This investigation includes examining established business processes that affect payment timing. For example, many clients conducting business in multiple countries are (unknowingly) paying for foreign transactions immediately, whereas local payments are scheduled and therefore can be deferred. Compiling comprehensive knowledge is crucial in creating positive cash flow.

Our second step is a detailed investigation into finding all expected income that hasn’t arrived: money that has been sent but not received, money that has been intended but not remitted, money that should (and will be) collected.

Next, we will study your organization’s financial history. Which clients pay on time? Who is responsive to communication? Which expenses can we eliminate, minimize or maneuver in some way to get you closer to lining up with incoming payments? What has the last financial year taught us about what to expect?

Finally, we will determine your ideal vendor payment schedule, ultimately controlling your rate of expenses. By the end of our process, all your payments will line up productively with your accounts receivable. We might talk to the bank and alter your credit card cycle. We may recommend updating the terms of your vendor or client contracts to reflect an alternate payment schedule more in line with your expenses.

We will implement real (not theoretical) changes which position you for real (not theoretical) stability.

Signatory Services

Authorization takes time. It is one of the many burdens on an executive that hinders his or her ability to remain strategic rather than getting ensnared in administration.

Although delegating signatory services can be panic inducing if entrusted to an amateur, we will be both familiar with and involved in your financial health. This is simply one more managerial function we can take off your plate.

You were looking for less hassle, right?

As signatories, we will be able to sign checks, approve wire transfers and represent your organization in all banking matters. Ultimately, the signatory service empowers us to establish and maintain convenient efficiency for all your financial needs.

Payment Execution for Vendors and Employees

While a spreadsheet and schedule of vendor and employee payments is convenient, it takes both time and expertise to actually get everybody paid efficiently.

For example, when establishing a new vendor, there is research involved to determine the vendor’s official government number, confirm that they are in good legal standing and can accept payments without additional taxes or garnishments, divulge whether or not the vendor is eligible to collect VAT and then establish the vendor in your accounting system. For employee payments, separate accounts must be established and managed monthly for mandatory social benefits like manager’s insurance, disability, and pension.

While of course you’re welcome to invest your time executing these processes, most entrepreneurs we work with would rather chew glass. Instead, they prefer that this background work is completed without their involvement so that they can simply press “approve” and move on, knowing that the nuts and bolts are in our capable hands.

Invoicing, Receipts and Collections

Monthly invoicing, receipt production and outstanding payment reminder distribution can suck the lifeblood right out of you. Yes, the process of keeping accurate records and issuing proper receipts will pay for itself in the long run, but do you have the capacity to manage this responsibility each month? Is it the best use of your time?

Likely not. And we all know that collection calls fall to the bottom of your priority list because they are infamously unpleasant for an executive; your job is to impress and deliver. Our job is to ensure financial health.

Empowering us to manage your invoicing, receipts and collections responsibilities empowers you to distance yourself from the grind in favor of growing your business.

Financial Liaison and Reporting

Many businesses and nonprofits alike begin to perspire when presented with a financial report requirement.

Your accountant is supposed to handle some of that, right? Yes, he or she will file compulsory paperwork on your behalf, but most likely you will find yourself without any explanation of the reports themselves, their related processes, or their inevitable implications for your business.

Most importantly, financial reports are supposed to document your progress. Unfortunately, they are often difficult to digest and understand. Without internalizing the data, however, you are producing reports that mean nothing to you.

Intrinsically, these reports have meaning (ok… to us and to your accountant). Our role here is twofold: first, to repackage the information in a format that makes sense to you (dissect the report), and second, explain it so you can utilize the knowledge it presents to format future decisions (decipher the report).

Ultimately, our job is to arm you the knowledge you require to move forward strategically.

Establish a Satellite Office

Are you based in the USA or Europe, but find that Israel is a core location or target market for you? Perhaps your manufacturing, distribution or development takes place here. Or, Israelis simply like your products a whole lot. You may be considering an Israeli satellite office and debating whether or not it would making conducting business in Israel more efficient or economical.

There are a number of ways to register and operate a business in Israel. Some of the methods require a more significant level of accountability in terms of legal and reporting standards, while others allow the business owner more flexibility. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option and determine whether it’s worthwhile for you to officially establish an Israeli entity. If it is, we will manage all the legalities and bureaucracy on your behalf.

In the end, we might determine that you just need an experienced and trusted representative “on the ground” looking out for your legal and financial interests. We’re that guy.

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You want to engage the right vendors at the right time for the right price.

Likely, you’re doing business with your credit card processor because your kids went to preschool together. You selected your accountant because his office is on the way to your morning train, and your bank because your neighbor said they offered competitive interest rates. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the expertise, time or patience to properly vet and compare vendors before landing on a preferred provider and let’s be honest – the inertia required to change vendors once you’re established – well, it’s unlikely.

Don’t you want to be absolutely certain that you’re working with the most appropriate, cost effective financial vendors? It’s entirely possible that your business needs have changed since you began your venture. Have your vendors kept up? Are they offering you exactly what you need, when you need it, at the best price available?

We’ll do the research, ask the tough questions, document all the comparisons, guarantee that we never receive a kick-back or referral fee, and manage the transition to a new vendor if and when it’s right for you.

Bank Account Selection and Review

Are you just starting out, and therefore bank shopping?

Or, perhaps you’ve been in business several years already. When you initially established your bank account, did you investigate several options, and the types of accounts they offer, comparing and contrasting service packages and rates? Since your venture has grown, have you revisited your requirements to ensure that your account is still meeting all your needs?

Is there a more cost efficient bank or service package that would be more beneficial than your current banking arrangement?

We clarify your needs and then we compare, negotiate and advocate on your behalf. With our service, you can be absolutely certain that you are getting the biggest bang for your business banking buck. Now say that 10 times fast.

Financial Vendor Research and Selection

You are doing business with a whole host of financial vendors. You are paying each and every one of them, each and every month. These costs add up. Are your current vendors your absolute best choices both in terms of both what they can offer you and what they are charging you?

Are you running back and forth between two accountants – one who specializes in Israeli taxes and one who concentrates on American taxes – and overpaying because there is redundancy in their duties? We’ll do the research and let you know.

Are you prioritizing properly when selecting vendors? Perhaps ensuring a paperless office is most important to you, or exclusively doing business with vendors who speak English, or 24/7 availability and communication. It’s entirely possible that cost is not first on your list; whatever your top priority, we’ll ensure that you get it.

Negotiating Credit

Credit is often an integral part of a business model, either in an ongoing or temporary capacity. Inevitably, there are assets at your disposal that can help you negotiate credit successfully with the bank, but perhaps you are unaware of how to utilize them to your advantage.

Since we speak Finance (and “Bank” is a dialect of “Finance”), and we are already intimately familiar with your financial picture, we can counsel you on the best way to present your request to the bank, increasing the likelihood of securing favorable rates and conditions. We can even advise you how to benefit from credit products at other banks or financial institutions without having to move your account.