Nonprofits can Stick to their Mission and Increase Revenue

In today’s age of increased competition and a belief in self-sustainability in the nonprofit space, charities are feeling the pressure to adjust, expand, and to rethink. While organizations continually need to set aside resources for new programs, too often this search for more leads nonprofits on a path that distances itself from its core [...]

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Can Your Venture Survive the $2,000 Challenge?

A recent NPR podcast told of a report done back in 2011 by Oxford professor Peter Tufano.  He set out to examine how fragile American households are by exploring if a family could come up with $2,000 with 30 days notice. Research showed that most emergencies can be solved by $2,000: unexpected car trouble; [...]

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Guest Post: Lessons from a Short-Lived Nonprofit

[This article first appeared in my previous site, The Nonprofit Banker, back in November 2010.  It's as relevant now as it was then.] Chana Mason was born in Colombia and grew up in South Florida. She has a degree in Theatrical Directing and Engineering from Dartmouth College. She has worked in management consulting, high school education, [...]

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Donating Only After-the-Fact…Help Me Understand

Receiving a donation can actually be harmful to a charity?  Isn’t that counter-intuitive?  Absolutely. Let me explain. How a donor or foundation donates is just as important as how much they donate. Practically speaking, a foundation’s grant process should be straightforward enough so charities are not excessively burdened when applying.   Another example is respectful [...]

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6 Reasons “Friends of” Orgs Should Bank Abroad

The fiscal responsibilities of an American charity have become more complicated in recent years. Increased scrutiny from the IRS, more intricate tax documentation, the recent economic crisis, and donors’ need for transparency, are just a few of the challenges facing the sector. When a charity operates internationally these difficulties are only exacerbated. These global organizations [...]

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