Are there long term commitments associated with your service? How does the fee structure work?2017-12-13T23:41:46+00:00

Our goal is and always will be twofold:

  • Empower your leadership with knowledge to make sound financial decisions
  • Remove obstacles to financial success

Some clients prefer to accomplish this on a per-project or hourly basis. They bring us in to perform research and analysis, provide a recommendation, and then we’re on our way.

Other clients, however, prefer consistent partnership and advocacy. Therefore, we also work on a retainer basis, and the monthly costs are tied to our involvement level.

We are big enough to provide the expertise and attention you need, and small enough to craft a tailored service package that will suit your requirements and budget. Contact us to talk through your requirements.

Will your service save us money?2017-12-13T23:40:50+00:00

The most genuine answer to this question is “maybe”.

While we specialize in insight and relief, many of our clients discover that our strategic advice leads to cost minimization in two areas:

  1. Vendor evaluation and selection confirms that your financial service providers are delivering exactly what you need for the best price available.
  2. Creating and monitoring a budget and cash flow patterns and proactively managing cash flow holds you accountable to the true costs of your business.
If our venture needs credit, does that mean that we’re unsuccessful?2017-12-13T23:48:51+00:00

Absolutely not!

Credit may very well be a core part of your business model. For example, a supermarket buys products and stocks its shelves before consumers pay for the products. For most ventures, credit might be the only way to grow, such as a loan to invest in infrastructure. For others, it might be the result of unavoidable, unexpected circumstances, like a donor reneging on a committed donation or a sale falling apart at the last minute.

There are a multitude of credit options; we will help you navigate them, decide which is the best fit, and develop a repayment plan that works for your business.

Do you take an active role (managing our cash flow, becoming a signatory) or are you an external advisor?2017-12-13T23:51:13+00:00

Well, that depends on you. All of our “insight” services are recommendation-based. We’ll come in, listen, learn, study, and make recommendations. You then determine what actions to take based on our advice.

Alternatively, our relief services are actionable. Not only will we listen, learn and study your financial picture, but we will also actively put measures into place to position you for success in profitability, security and scalability.

How do your services differ between your corporate clients vs. your nonprofit clients?2017-12-13T23:52:42+00:00

We help our clients establish and manage financially healthy ventures, whether the ultimate goal is impact or revenue. Therefore, the services we provide to both the corporate and nonprofit sectors are essentially identical, with two small exceptions.

Exception #1: There is a complex relationship between Israeli nonprofits and American charities (501c(3) organizations). Many of our clients maintain these identities in both countries simultaneously, and therefore turn to us for advice on how to navigate the relationship between the two bodies in respect to financial, legal, and procedural standards.

Exception #2: Our staff offers specialized expertise in creating and documenting best practices and workflow procedures for a nonprofit. We also have many years of experience navigating the required governmental bureaucracy for Israeli nonprofits. Therefore, when invited, we can become more involved in the inaugural phase of nonprofit establishment.

Do we reach out to you when we have a financial problem (reactionary service), or is your service more preventative and strategic?2017-12-13T23:53:57+00:00

Our financial philosophy is rooted in insight and planning. We are here to help you understand the “why” behind your finances, and position you for sustainable scalability and success. This effort is most effective when we proactively partner with our clients year-round.

That said, we will never leave you hanging in a crisis. Even if we’ve never talked before, if you receive a threatening letter from the bank or a financial question from your board that sparks a feeling of panic, call us and we will work through it together.

Does your service replace my accountant?2017-12-13T23:55:58+00:00

Nope. We work in conjunction with your accountant. Here’s how it breaks down…

Your accountant:

He or she files compulsory reports on your behalf including fulfilling taxation, governmental reporting, and compliance requirements.

Your accountant’s primary role is to look backwards so they can categorize your workflow is ways that the government can understand. Unfortunately, these reports and their associated considerations are often difficult to digest and understand. It’s likely, then, that you will find yourself lacking a proper explanation of these reports, their related processes, or their inevitable implications for your business.

Moreover, the accountant’s reporting isn’t designed to analyze your business in a way that can help you make strategic decisions. Their purpose is to ensure compliance and limit potential liability.


Our responsibility here is threefold: first, to assemble information for the accountant/bookkeeper so that they can product the reports for the government and for you; second, to repackage the information in a format that makes sense to you; and third, explain it so you can utilize the knowledge it presents to format future decisions.

Ultimately, it’s the accountant’s job to ensure that you stay kosher. Our job is to ensure that you have sufficient insight and knowledge to make sound financial decisions.