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working in charities & public service
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banking specialist for nonprofits
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as online resource “The Nonprofit Banker”
Shuey knows the ins and outs of what non-profits need, and helps you think beyond the needs of the moment.
N. G.
Shuey was absolutely incredible from day one and we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in today had he not been willing to help. He is an absolute expert in issues of charity banking, but more than that, he is probably the most reliable person I’ve ever come across and always willing to make time to help.
O. W.
Shuey Fogel is someone that all nonprofits should turn to when it comes to financial planning and creating a sustainable vision for the future of your nonprofit. I highly recommend Shuey — not just because he’s a real expert in his field — but because he’s also a mentch!
M. G.