Donating Only After-the-Fact…Help Me Understand

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Receiving a donation can actually be harmful to a charity?  Isn’t that counter-intuitive?  Absolutely. Let me explain. How a donor or foundation donates is just as important as how much they donate. Practically speaking, a foundation’s grant process should be straightforward enough so charities are not excessively burdened when applying.   Another example is respectful [...]

Managing Cash Flow: A Case Where Nonprofits Have an Advantage Over For-Profits

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All organizations face two major financial challenges: creating a BUDGET that ensures that expected income is greater than anticipated expenses and managing CASH FLOW to ensure that there is always enough money in-hand to pay for said costs. Most often it is managing cash flow that is the greater difficulty.  Which, when you think about [...]

3 Take-Aways about Business-Models from the Forum on Information Systems

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Today, I attended the first meeting of the Nonprofit Forum on Information Systems. The first speaker, Raz Hyperman (it’s an Israel name, go with me here), a senior member of the Israeli government’s Information and Communication Technology Division, shared a number of axioms related to Business Models that are applicable to both for-profits and nonprofits, [...]

Avoiding “Fashlas” by Your Accountant

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The word fashla is Hebrew colloquial for “screw-up”. And yes, even your accountant, an Israeli charity’s best friend, can make a few. As a banker I see this particular slip-up more often than you think. Here are two ways to avoid your accountant inadvertently putting your organization’s bank account in the red.  PRELUDE In Israel, the [...]

6 Questions to Help Choose the Right Conduit Organization

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The sole purpose of my previous piece, Defining a Conduit Organization, was to address the more important question of this post, “How to Choose the Right Conduit?” After all, for many organizations operating outside the United States, specifically those in Israel, fundraising in America plays a vital role in the business strategy of the nonprofit.  Some charities [...]

6 Reasons “Friends of” Orgs Should Bank Abroad

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The fiscal responsibilities of an American charity have become more complicated in recent years. Increased scrutiny from the IRS, more intricate tax documentation, the recent economic crisis, and donors’ need for transparency, are just a few of the challenges facing the sector. When a charity operates internationally these difficulties are only exacerbated. These global organizations [...]

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