Can Your Venture Survive the $2,000 Challenge?

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A recent NPR podcast told of a report done back in 2011 by Oxford professor Peter Tufano.  He set out to examine how fragile American households are by exploring if a family could come up with $2,000 with 30 days notice. Research showed that most emergencies can be solved by $2,000: unexpected car trouble; [...]

Guest Post: Lessons from a Short-Lived Nonprofit

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[This article first appeared in my previous site, The Nonprofit Banker, back in November 2010.  It's as relevant now as it was then.] Chana Mason was born in Colombia and grew up in South Florida. She has a degree in Theatrical Directing and Engineering from Dartmouth College. She has worked in management consulting, high school education, [...]

The 3 Questions Your Fledgling Business NEEDS to Ask

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Yesterday Hub Etzion, a co-working space located in Gush Etzion where I physically sit and serve as its board chair, hosted veteran PR & Communication strategist Alan Weinkrantz.  Alan lent his talents by holding open "office hours" for over five hours for local businesses and startups.  Then, later in the evening he hosted a pizza party [...]

Donating Only After-the-Fact…Help Me Understand

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Receiving a donation can actually be harmful to a charity?  Isn’t that counter-intuitive?  Absolutely. Let me explain. How a donor or foundation donates is just as important as how much they donate. Practically speaking, a foundation’s grant process should be straightforward enough so charities are not excessively burdened when applying.   Another example is respectful [...]

Managing Cash Flow: A Case Where Nonprofits Have an Advantage Over For-Profits

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All organizations face two major financial challenges: creating a BUDGET that ensures that expected income is greater than anticipated expenses and managing CASH FLOW to ensure that there is always enough money in-hand to pay for said costs. Most often it is managing cash flow that is the greater difficulty.  Which, when you think about [...]

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