You need a partner in your financial success.

Welcome to Fogel CFO & Management Services.

Our financial philosophy is rooted in insight and planning. We are here to help you understand the “why” behind your finances, and position you for sustainable scalability and success.

We value professionalism as well as the responsive, polite and knowledgeable service to which our clients have become accustomed. We prioritize ensuring that your financial picture is clear to you, even when that means we have to stop speaking Finance and switch to English or Hebrew to make things understood. Above all else, we are committed to integrity, initiative and collaboration. You will get the information you need – straight (not sugar coated). We never take referral fees or kickbacks when we send you to a resource you require. We are exceedingly thorough (we are number crunchers, after all) and our team gets creative when called upon to solve complicated financial challenges.

We serve entrepreneurs, business owners, and directors of nonprofits to improve their endeavor’s long-term financial health. When you partner with us, we become part of your team, bringing with us our diverse breadth of experience as well as our network of resources.

Shuey Fogel
Shuey FogelPrincipal

About Our Founder

Shuey Fogel holds over ten years of experience in both corporate and nonprofit financial strategy and deployment. His formal education at Columbia University fueled his interest in economics and traditional banking, and positioned him to cater to small-to-medium businesses and nonprofits as a Customized Financial Solution Provider for two of Jerusalem’s most prestigious banking institutions, U-Bank and the Bank of Jerusalem. Identifying a need for a more hands-on, day-to-day, comprehensive service, Shuey launched Fogel CFO & Management Services in 2014.

Today, Shuey leverages his comprehensive grasp of Israeli banking infrastructure coupled with his practical experience creating nontraditional solutions to help his clients achieve their financial goals.

In addition to serving his clients (and wrangling five children) Shuey is an active member of his community. In the last five years, his volunteer activities have included acting as a financial lecturer and mentor for Presentence and Nefesh B Nefesh, blogging at The Nonprofit Banker, serving on the Executive Board of Hub Etzion, and acting as Chairman of the Board for the Elazar Community Council.

Shuey neither admits nor denies an affinity for American country music.

Leah Cutler

Leah performs high level controller services for a number of our clients.  Whether it’s warehouse management, invoicing, collection, bookkeeping, or sales team support – international or local – Leah has seen it all.  In addition to her decade+ experience helping Israeli companies manage and leverage their finances, she is a New York (USA) certified accountant.

Yoni Levinson

As a 30+ veteran oleh, Yoni has the wherewithal, patience, and tenacity to ensure that our clients are able to overcome any bureaucratic challenge that the Government or various financial service-providers might throw at them.  In her previous roles, Yoni has worked in large Israeli companies, and has gained a particular insight to the machinations of the secret sauce that can create a successfully company.  In addition to her client work, Yoni coordinates the company’s internal workflow and keeps our gears greased,

You want to be able to pick up the phone and talk with a (live!) professional who knows exactly what’s
happening, speaks your language, and can advise and advocate on your behalf.