Shuey Fogel
Shuey FogelPrincipal

Shuey Fogel is dedicated to small business and nonprofit financial advocacy. His passion for transparency and financial leadership drives him to identify unique, flexible solutions for his for-profit and nonprofit clientele.

Shuey’s expertise was learned in the trenches from the dozens of organizations he has actively assisted and keeps his knowledge current by voraciously reviewing emerging trends in finance. In addition to his most recent 6 years of experience as director of business development at U-Bank’s  Jerusalem branch and 3 years prior at the Bank of Jerusalem serving international private banking clients, Shuey’s entire career has positioned him as the ideal financial resource for small and medium sized organizations. He understands traditional banking solutions and tailors those options to match his clients’ unparalleled challenges.

Currently, Shuey not only acts as an outsourced financial adviser, he delivers lectures and workshops on financial topics including incorporation challenges, implementing social change, cash flow management, credit options, and budgeting for long term stability.  These talks are drawn from literally hundreds of conversations with organizations of all shapes and size, and from his articles on The Nonprofit Banker, a site where for over four years Shuey wrote about the tips, trends, tools, and regulations affecting Israel’s global nonprofit sector.

Shuey earned a BSc from Columbia University and lives with his wife and five vivacious children in the Jerusalem suburbs.  In February of 2015, he finished two years of services as a voluntary member of the local council where his primary responsibilities were overseeing the budget and financial decisions.  Shuey believes that rest is for the weary and plans on using his new-found free time to spend more quality time with his family, train the family’s puppy, and improve his guitar playing.